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-All-in-one vibration sensor module
Includes vibration sensor, wireless module, MCU and battery

See signs of failure early through constant monitoring & reduce
maintenance related investment.


1:Stand-alone wireless vibration sensor.

2:Can be used as-is on existing equipment – minimum installation issues.

3: Reduces equipment inspection downtime – regular monitoring only.

4:Flexible selection of frequency depending on environment (920MHz or 2.4GHz).

5:Fault prediction and notification via cloud-based vibration analysis tools.


Predictive Maintenance Solution

Provide a total solution from data collection to analysis to fault prediction.

☑ Status list for all equipment
☑RMS value and peak trend display
☑FFT analysis and trend display
☑Fault prediction line display

Implementation merit · Application examples

 Application examples   Motor、 Pump、 Fan、Blower、Taping Machine、 Chip components、Semiconductor
manufacturing equipment、Component pick & place
equipment、 Single/multiple axis robot (eg、welding robot) 、 SCARA robot、transport robot、NC Unit、machining center

 Example of steady condition monitoring  Bearing problems、Alignment errors 、Pump leak/clogging、Fan/blower irregular rotation, etc.、Gear problems (wear, interlock)、Ball screw problems、Drilling equipment issues, etc.


Size ( W x H x D ) 47.2mm×46.3mm×31.5mm
Weight 約58g
Sensors Type Vibration sensor , Temperature(Thermistor)
Frequency 10Hz〜10,000Hz
Acceleration ±25G MAX, Resolution:20mG
Direction 1 axis Z direction
Vibration sampling frequency 2.5kHz / 25kHz
Wireless connection to GW 2.4GHz / 920MHz band LPWA (Switchable)
Wireless communication distance 10m(2.4GHz)/ 200m(920MHz LPWA)
Power Built-in rechargeable battery (Li ion) ※1
Battery life 3 years (when measuring once / day) ※2
Power consumption 50mA(Power ON)、15mA(Tx)、7μA(Sleep)※2
Indicator light 2
Dustproof/Waterproof Simple dust / water-proof testing ※3
Operating Temperature 0℃~+60℃ (Charge:0℃~+45℃)
Installation method Magnet, Adhesive, Screw

※1 Energy harvesting possible ※2 When using 2.4 GHz ※3 Use of protective bag ( Optional )  

Note: Elements of this product are still under development,specifications are subject to change  without notice. 

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